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IML Registered Nurses all possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) from accredited foreign nursing schools and are proficient in English.  Our nurses have successfully completed all the government education requirements (CGFNS, or IELTS) in addition to be NCLEX-RN certified via the exclusive Vanderbilt certification program prior to entering the U.S.
Exclusive Programs for IML Nurses
Initial Competency Evaluation
Orientation & NCLEX-RN Tests - Vanderbilt Training

Exclusive Programs for IML Nurses
We offer our clients the best qualified foreign registered nurses through our unique recruitment strategies. All IML nurses meet or exceed the highest standards and competencies in the industry.

Initial Competency Evaluation
The initial stage of the competency evaluation screening process verifies that the applicant meets the following standards:


Graduation from a 4-year general nursing program at an accredited school of nursing. This program must be equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor of Nursing Degree;


Two years of acute-care experience in specialties such as intensive care (either adult, pediatric or neo-natal), coronary care, medicine, surgery, emergency room, general theatres, recovery and obstetric nursing.;

References of job-related work experience are verified;

Is in possession of licensure/certification requirements for the position and/or state;


A passing grade on the qualifying exam of the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS);

Completion of a self-evaluation skills checklist pertinent to the specialty;

No disciplinary action has been taken against the candidate;

Must qualify for U.S. Visa, e.g. no criminal record.

Orientation & NCLEX-RN Tests - Vanderbilt Training
During this stage the applicant must complete written & oral tests provided by IML.  Then the nurses must go through the Vanderbilt training curriculums and pass the NCLEX-RN tests in order to be certified as an eligible IML RNs.  The key curriculums within the 12-week Vanderbilt training program is outlined below:

Organization of U.S. health care system

Organization of hospitals-where services are provided

Roles of health care providers

Universal precautions
          – Medication administration and lab
          – Wound drainage systems and lab
          – Suction/oxygen process-equipment and lab
          – CPR and emergency code situation and lab

Health care information systems – general knowledge

Legal issues in healthcare

Physical assessment and lab

Assessment of baseline knowledge (HESI Exam)

Psychiatric nursing

Medical surgical nursing

Pediatric nursing

Respiratory system

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