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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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IML International Nurse Transition and
Examination Study Course Sample
Whether you are looking for one of the most comprehensive nursing study programs available online to prepare you for working in a U.S. or western hospital, or for an additional examination prep course for the CGFNS or NCLEX exams the International MedLink program is for you.

The program is presented in 14 modules that have specific sections for easy navigation. Each module has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and notes that can be downloaded for review. Four modules include post tests to be used for practice and to reinforce what the user has learned. The program contains approximately 40 hours of video lecture and generally takes between 60-90 days to complete depending on the user. Each section may be viewed as often as needed and in any order you choose.

We offer several subscription levels from One Week to Six Months (20 Weeks) and the price is just $10.00 per week. In addition we offer Monthly Specials that change each month where users can get longer subscriptions for less money. When the user's subscription expires, it can be easily renewed by re-subscribing for a new time period and the user can pick-up where they left off. When you subscribe to our course you have access to the Entire Course, not just specific modules. The course is designed for the user to work on it from start to finish, however all modules and materials may be viewd at any time during the subscription period.

Multi-user pricing is available for educational or institutional users to meet your spcific needs. For more information on multi-user pricing, please e-mail us at

To review the modules and curriculum available in the International Nurse Transition and Examination Preparation Program, scroll down this page. To view subscription levels, click the registration link and complete the required information to create your personal Log-in. Creating a personal Log-in does not require you to subscribe for the course. To Subscribe to the course, select the subscription level desired and click Check-out. Access to the course will be available upon completing the subscrption process.

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International MedLink
International Nurse Transition and Examination
Study Course
Content Provided By Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Module and Sections
Module 1: Introduction
Section 1: Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System
Section 2: Legal Aspect of Nursing
Module 2: Transition to Nursing Practive in the U.S.
Section 3: Introduction to Patient Care in the United States Admission, Reporting and Discharge
Section 4: The Surgical Client
Module 3: Physical Assessment & Basic Interventions
Section 5: Health History and Assessment
Section 6: Assessment of the Cardiac System
Section 7: Assessment of the Peripheral Vascular System
Section 8: Mental Status and Neurological Assessment
Section 9: Respiratory System Assessment
Module 4: Physical Assessment & Basic Interventions
Section 10: Muscular Skeletal System Assessment
Section 11: Integumentary/Skin System Assessment
Section 12: Gastrointestinal System Assessment
Section 13: Genitourinary System Assessment
Section 14: Head, Eyes Ears, Nose and Throat
Module 5: Physical Assessment & Basic Interventions
Contains physical assessment procedure videos to be viewed at the end of each pertinent section.
Abdomen Assessment
Cardiac Assessment
Genitourinary Assessment
HEENT Assessment
Integumentary - Skin Assessment
Muscular Skeletal Assessment
Peripheral Vascular Assessment
Reflex Assessment
Respiratory Assessment
Module 6: Medications & Nursing Procedures
Section 15: Medications and Nursing Procedures
Module 7: Medical Surgical Nursing
Section 16: Gastrointestinal Disorders
Section 17: Musculoskeletal Disorders
Section 18: Skin Disorders
Section 19: Blood and Lymph Disorders
Section 20: Genitourinary Disorders
Module 8: Medical Surgical Nursing
Section 21: Neurological Disorders I
Section 22: Neurological Disorders II
Section 23: Cardiovascular Disorders
Section 24: Pulmonary and Respiratory Disorders
Module 9: Medical Surgical Nursing
Section 25: Gerontology Nursing
Section 26: Endocrine System and Disorders
Section 27: Oncology Nursing
Module 10: Pediatric Nursing
Section 28: Pediatric Growth and Development
Section 29: Pediatric Cardiovascular System-Disorders
Section 30: Pediatric Respiratory Disorders/Upper Respiratory Infections
Section 31: Pediatric Respiratory Disorders/Cystic Fibrosis & Otis Media
Section 32: Pediatric Gastrointestinal System/Disorders
Section 33: Pediatric Anemia
Section 34: Pediatric Immunizations, Accidents and Medications
Section 35: Pediatric Musculoskeletal System and Childhood Disorders
Module 11: Maternity Nursing
Section 36: Antepartum Part I
Section 37: Antepartum Part II
Section 38: Intrapartum
Module 12: Maternity Nursing
Section 39: Postpartum Part I
Section 40: Postpartum - Part II
Module 13: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Section 41: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part I
Section 42: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part II
Section 43: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part III
Section 44: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part IV
Module 14: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Section 45: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part V
Section 46: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part VI
Section 47: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part VII
Section 48: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing - Part VIII
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